About Sitges

Sitges is an emblematic town located a few kilometers from Barcelona. It is known to have a unique warm microclimate due to its geographical position on the Mediterranean coast. Thanks to its almost 300 days of annual sunshine, you can enjoy outdoor activities practically every day.

The cultural events of Sitges take place throughout the year with theater festivals, Sitges Film Festival, art exhibitions, Sitgestiu Cultural, organized by the Sitges museums, with daily events during the three summer months, music concerts and international festivals such as Patchwork, Rally of vintage cars, Carnival, etc.

In Sitges you can find a wide variety of services for sports and events throughout the year, such as Half Marathon, Triathlon, Beach Rugby, sailing regattas, football tournaments, chess, etc.

Sitges also offers activities and spaces for families with children, from large parks such as Terramar, with picnic area and swings; as family workshops offered by the museums of Sitges and other entities; sports and entertainment activities for children and a magnificent Garraf Natural Park to enjoy nature. Sitges has always been characterized by its tolerance and open mentality of its inhabitants and visitors. Sitges is a place where diversity adds and enriches.